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Google to Build Two Data Centers in Southern Ohio


COLUMBUS – Governor DeWine announced today that two new data centers will open in Fairfield and just North of Pickaway County

Dewine said during a news conference, “Google’s announcement today is a recognition that we have the people in the state of Ohio and it’s a continual process and we have to continue to work on that and the truth is that when you put smart people together educated people together guess what happens they track more smart people and educated people, and we are getting that critical mass are here in the state of Ohio that it is so very very very important.”

The data centers will power the artificial technology and other tools that Google is ramping up. One data center is located just North of Scioto Downs on US-23 and the second one will be in Lancaster at 105 Whiley road. Total cost investment to Ohio is more than 2 billion.

This announcement comes after a 20 Billion dollar chip factory was announced from Intel just east of Columbus, a Honda factory building a 3.5 Billion battery plant in Fayette County.