Home News Gasoline Still at 7-Year Highs as Summer Ends

Gasoline Still at 7-Year Highs as Summer Ends


OHIO –  The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has increased two cents to $3.19, tying early August peaks and matching a 7-year-high according to AAA.com

Much of this has to do with impacts from Hurricanes Ida and Nicholas on oil and refinery production. Approximately 30% of crude production in the Gulf of Mexico remains shuttered, according to the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.

That reduced crude oil production fueled with refinery restarts has caused a slight rise in prices. This will continue for a few weeks and expect the cost of gas to remain at this level into fall, but drop by October.

The Ohio area saw a 7 cent hike across the state, at 3.09, but that’s nothing compared to the 4.31 in California.

Locally your cheapest gas in Pickaway is UDF on Main Street in Circleville at 2.95, Sunoco in Leistville at the same price, and Kroger on Lancaster Pike.

Normally Ross County is lower but not this week, Speedway on North Bridge has the lowest gas at 3.02, followed by Kb Mart on Western Ave at 3.03