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Freedom Movement USA Calls for Boycott Day on Open Carry Ban Companies


Freedom Movement Calls for National Boycott / Protest Thursday September, 12 2019 at 6:00pm outside all Walmarts in the United States.

Freedom Movement USA has taken to social media this week boycotting Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. Now within a matter of days the crew has had over 193,000 people sign their proclamation to boycott Walmart. As of midnight the group’s Chairman Brandon Harris announced on Facebook that they had officially reached 4,000,000 people in a matter of three days and the boycott does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Harris stated that Thursday they would be hosting a national Boycott Walmart day with groups in Texas, Ohio and Illinois signed on board to stand outside of local Walmart’s on the parkways with boycott Walmart signs.

“Enough is enough” Harris stated Saturday. “Yes, Walmart is a privately owned company, but this is too much control”. Harris and crew made it clear they are not seeking any government involvement, but instead to bring Walmart to the table to reconsider.

“Walmart’s got some of the smartest business people in the world,” said Harris, “if we can drop their stock by even 2 -3 % they will listen. We just need more people to stand up and join us.

The team plans to continue this week through Thursday getting more state, city and county leaders nationwide to join the fight. Other members of both Freedom Movement USA and community also spoke up on this issue.

George L. Pearson the Chair Will County Republicans Central Committee in Will County Illinois stated “I am glad Wal-Mart is moving away from carrying ammunition. Frankly, they never should have been in the business of selling firearms and ammunition. They saw it as another away to gain profits while “killing off” the Ma and Pa locations. I wish they would get out of selling firearms all together. Big Box chains have destroyed the true economic engine of this country which has always been the small business owner. Their offerings of cheap knockoffs gave them the extra cash flow to help push out hard working small business out of their niche selling. Local Firearm dealers and shops are heavily regulated and taxed. They will now see an increase in their customer base and that is a good thing!” His words like many others on the topic.

Cornel Darden Jr. Vice Chairman of Freedom Movement USA , 34 of Joliet, Illinois, believes that “it’s always about freedom. Walmart, as a business, has a right to not sell ammunition or to set rules for their stores. And we as free citizens have a right not to do business with Walmart. However, Walmart being a very large publicly traded company has tremendous influence in our society, and we cannot allow that influence to hint at an attack on our 2nd amendment. Walmart’s sensational response is a direct attack by an entity with large influence, to take away our rights and basic freedoms.”

Ohio State Freedom Movement Director and local Business Owner James Hicks, 30 Lebanon, Ohio stated “ We are in no way seeking government involvement as Mr. Harris has been saying. We Simply feel we can get their attention by making a real stand on a national effort”

“In the state of NJ we aren’t allowed to have open or concealed carry. There were only approved 32 concealed carry permits last year. Anti-second amendment actions make the situation worse as Camden, NJ and Newark, NJ made it to the “Murder capitals of America” list” stated Dr. Jenna Evans 34, New Jersey state Chairman for Freedom Movement USA.

All in all the team is showing a national fight against Walmart for the constitution and it seems it has only just begun.

According to the Freedom movement they have a total of 193,000 signatures and are gathering more against the companies that are against open carry. https://www.freedommovmentusa.com/jointheboycott?fbclid=IwAR2GA1zs9Kev-Cb_1yzcCZJpgD2oroE-TWP8hRocfxbzPG-HFPB2A5qGW00