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Free Event – Circleville Pumpkin Drop for New Year


Circleville – It’s back, Roundtown night one New Year Celebration will occur this year in Downtown Circleville

Vineyard Church Circleville who originally created the idea is back to have a fun community event when the clock strikes 2024.

“This idea is 8 years in the making,” said Pastor Ron Vanhorn. ” We love our community and want to do cool stuff for all of Circleville. We just needed to figure out how it would work, we are going to do the best we can with it. We are hoping this will be an annual event, this is just the start.”

That comment from Pastor Vanhorn was 3 years ago, and since then the Vineyard church has continued to do the pumpkin drop on, “Night One” in Circleville offering a fun kids event for New Year’s.

Towns all over America are doing their own custom-themed drops. Moon Pies, pickle plops, possum drops, and other weird and wacky New Year’s Eve traditions.

“Small towns all over America are celebrating in new fun ways and we want to do that here by dropping a Pumpkin Circleville. I do sculpture and design as my day job and we created the pumpkin to be something for the town,” said Vanhorn.

Vineyard Church wants everyone to come join an alcohol-free family-friendly event. The event will start at around 9 pm on December 31 and ends after the new year, at the Pumpkin Show Pumpkin Park on Court Street in Downtown Circleville, so come out and have some fun!