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FREE EVENT: Circleville Bicycle Club to Have Meet and Greet This Weekend


CIRCLEVILLE – A local bicycle club that aims at, “something for kids to do in Circleville.” is having a meet and greet this weekend and is inviting everyone out for free food and fun.

On Saturday, September 4 from 12 pm to 6 pm at 459 East Main street the club will show off their rides, give away free food, and have some raffles to give away several bikes that have been donated.

“The club has grown from just a few members to over 20 members who ride sometimes nightly,” said Keith Carrol one of the founding members, “We started this for three reasons, one I was looking for a way to become more active, two to give back to my community, and three something for kids to do in town that doesn’t involve electronics.”

The Club rides around Circleville sometimes nightly with people off all ages. Carrol a grandpa has found this time to be precious with his grandkids.

“We make sure everyone has lights on their bikes so they are safe while we ride around the town. We go to different places and everyone responds positively to what we are doing.”

The club according to Carrol supplies lights and installs them on people’s bikes, sometimes they supply the bike and everything. Carol said this is one of the biggest surprises to what has happened with the club.

“We have had several people just give us bikes, one person gave us two brand new bikes to customize and give away.”

This weekend the group, the “Ready to Burn” Bicycle club will have a meet and greet, they are offering free food from local companies that have given to the group, and they are giving away five bikes with the hope that the winners join them.

More information on this group can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/935823630620686