Home News Former Pickaway County Corrections Officer Found Impersonating Officer in Columbus

Former Pickaway County Corrections Officer Found Impersonating Officer in Columbus


WHITEHALL – Whitehall police department arrested a man who was a former Correction officer for Pickaway Sheriff’s office but he quit when he became under investigation.

According to the Whitehall police department, they were called to Collingwood Ave. and E. Broad street on a call of a man impersonating a police officer.

According to a report obtained by the Sussi Report, Police had already observed an unmarked Crown Victoria with red and blue flashing lights at the intersection prior.

When police questioned the man he said he was on traffic detail for AEP, while they worked on the lines. Police noted that the man was wearing a black Oakley hat, black polo, and police traffic vest. He claimed he was working off-duty for a company out of Cleveland Ohio. He claimed that he worked for the Glenmont police department.

It wasn’t until the officers felt something was wrong with the situation and decided to ask more questions when they found out the truth.

When they questioned the man further he identified as a former correction officer in Pickaway county Casey Williams, and through more investigation, it was found that he did not hold any commission with any police department in the state.

After arrest, police identified that the badge that Williams had was a forged Pickaway county sheriff badge, he also had in his possession a Pickaway county deputy jacket, along with a Glock, taser, two pairs of handcuffs, a flashlight, pepper spray. In his Crown Vic cruiser, he had a loaded Smith and Wesson rifle, and a ballistic vest.

Williams was charged with impersonating a peace officer, improperly handing of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Former Correction officer Williams left Pickaway County sheriff’s office after an investigation was launched against him when he quit his badge and any equipment was to be returned. Pickaway county sheriffs office is also looking to investigate and more charges are likely.

Report information for this story came from the Sussi Report