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FORJAK Hiring: Significant Growth has Added Over a Dozen More Good Paying Jobs


CIRCLEVILLE – A leader in exterior commercial painting FORJAK Inc. moved its entire company from Columbus to Circleville after opening a successful sandblasting division in a historical building on Circlevilles South end.

In March of 2021, Forjak created an entire operation within that building and added 75 employees to the area. Now they tell Sciotopost that they are expanding again and offering new employment in the entire field of work.

Director of Operations at Forjak Industrial Inc. Katie Logan Hedges said creating good jobs in the Pickaway County area, “offers more to our community, and can make life changes and connections.”

“Forjak is announcing a hiring event on March 11th, but we are looking for well-qualified candidates now,” said Hedges.

Here is the list of the open positions they are currently offering: 

OFFICE / Circleville Shop:

Purchasing Admin 

Estimating Assistant 

Restoration Foreman 

Blast Plant Admin 

Financial Office Support 


Maintenance Tech 

Industrial Painter 


Commercial Handyman 

Commercial Painters 

Floor Coater Concrete

Restoration and Service

Laborer Mason 

If interested in any of those positions you can contact Forjak at this link: https://www.forjakindustrial.com/careers

or apply in person at FORJAK INDUSTRIAL, 544 CLINTON STREET, CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO(614) 316-8539