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Fisher Sworn in as Circleville Police Chief as Investigations Continue


Circleville – As the two top brass of the Circleville police department were put out in investigations, some people asked who would take command of the police department.

A release from Circleville City Mayor said, “On March 25th , Acting Chief Doug Davis was placed on paid administrative leave from the Circleville Police Department due to an investigation into alleged employee misconduct. In the meantime, the Circleville Police Department is in the capable hands of experienced leaders within the Agency. The City took this action in order to protect the integrity of the department while the investigation is ongoing.”

Two weeks ago the Mayor put the Chief Shaun Baer on leave on suspicion of harassment, intimidation and financial misconduct and Davis for alleged employee misconduct.

Kenny Fisher who is a Sergeant and a Field Training Officer according to the City of Circleville website, was sworn in as acting police chief on Tuesday.

There is not much more to report on the issue with most City departments and council keeping a tight lip, or being kept in the dark on the investigations. We did learn that the investigations on both Baer and Davis were not just City investigations but investigations that were being handled outside the city by the Ohio Auditor’s office and the Ohio Attorney General’s Ohio Police Officer Training Academy