Home News Ashville Man Sentenced to Prison for Stolen Trucks and Drugs

Ashville Man Sentenced to Prison for Stolen Trucks and Drugs


Pickaway – An Ashville man is heading to prison after being caught red-handed with stolen vehicles

According to the Pickaway County Sheriff department in the early hours of November 24, 2023, law enforcement responded to a call regarding suspicious activity involving two trucks near 9955 Shepherd Road in Lockbourne, Ohio. Upon arrival, officers discovered two males and a female on the scene. One of the males, identified as Luther Hackney, was already detained by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, while the other male, Eddie Rhodes, was found nearby along with a female

During the investigation, officers found Luther in possession of a large baggie containing a white powder-like substance and smaller baggies with crystalline substances. Further search of Eddie revealed additional incriminating evidence, including lighters, cut straws, and drug paraphernalia. She was found with only personal belongings and was taken into custody.

The situation escalated when it was discovered that both trucks associated with the individuals were reported stolen. A red Ford F-150 and a dark blue Ford F-350 were impounded for further investigation.

Sheriff Department arrived on the scene to conduct interviews and gather evidence. Eddie Rhodes was subsequently transported to the Pickaway County Jail, while Luther Hackney was taken to Berger Hospital due to chest pains. Both individuals were later destined for the Pickaway County Jail after medical evaluation.

Luther Hackney, Jr. of Ashville, was found guilty this week of Aggravated Possession of Drugs. Receiving Stolen Property he was sentenced to 24 months in prison