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Fireworks or Gun Fire ? A Law Enforcement Headache


We keep in regular contact with multiple law enforcement agencies in Pickaway County and surrounding areas and the concensus seems to be the same, private fireworks are a headache. Several times a week, dispatch receives calls from citizens that can’t tell if what they are hearing is gun shots or fireworks. That’s when officers are sent to the area in an attempt to distinguish between the two.

More often than not obviously, it becomes a disturbing the peace issue with illegal fireworks and not gun fire with citations issued if the peron(s) responsible can be identified. Not only do these illegal use of Fireworks disturb others in the communities but there is also a huge safety risk factor. They could start a fire, they could hit someone and injure them or even the person setting off the fireworks.

Those citations come with hefty fines, as fireworks are still illegal in the state of Ohio and if purchased here, must be transported out of state. The only items that can be used in Ohio are designated “trick and novelty,” which smoke, pop, and/or sparkle. In Ohio, use of 1.4g fireworks (firecrackers, bottle rockets, etc.) is illegal. (R.C. 3743.65 (B)).”


There is currently Senate Bill 72 that would allow the discharge of fireworks but the bill has yet to be passed into law.