Home News Fire Investigation Underway After Firework Causes Garage Blaze in Ross County

Fire Investigation Underway After Firework Causes Garage Blaze in Ross County


ROSS COUNTY, Ohio — Authorities responded to Liberty Hill Road and Trego Creek Road on 7/7/24 following reports of multiple fires in the area. Deputy from the Ross County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to investigate.

Upon arriving at the scene, it was determined that there was only one fire incident, which had ignited in a garage due to a firework mishap. The fire resulted in damage to the garage, including burnt or melted siding and minor structural damage. The Huntington Township Fire Department had already responded and used a water fire extinguisher to cool the area and prevent any potential rekindling.

According to investigative findings, a firework, identified as a mortar, had been set off near the Liberty Hill address. The firework reportedly tipped over, causing it to explode and ignite the nearby garage across the road at the Trego Creek address. The homeowner, who was present at the scene, expressed a desire not to pursue legal action against the individuals responsible, opting instead to handle the damages through insurance or a private agreement.

Statements gathered from witnesses, confirmed his involvement in setting off the firework that led to the garage fire. witness explained that after the initial firework incident, they had monitored the area but did not anticipate further issues until noticing the neighbor’s tree and garage ablaze later on.

Although the actions were deemed unintentional by local authorities, the incident will be forwarded to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for further review, where it will be categorized as arson due to the circumstances.

Deputy concluded the scene investigation after collecting necessary evidence and statements. Photographs of the damaged garage area were taken and will be included in the official report.

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing as authorities continue to assess the situation and ensure all necessary measures are taken in response to the firework-related incident.