Home News American Rounds Introduces 24/7 Ammunition Vending Machines in Grocery Stores

American Rounds Introduces 24/7 Ammunition Vending Machines in Grocery Stores


Southern US – In a move aimed at enhancing accessibility and convenience, American Rounds has unveiled a new initiative: 24/7 ammunition vending machines installed in grocery stores across the United States. The company’s website promotes the concept as a way for customers to purchase ammunition at their convenience, avoiding the constraints of store hours and lengthy queues.

According to American Rounds, the vending machines are already operational in multiple grocery stores located in Alabama and Oklahoma. These machines are equipped with advanced features, including a requirement for buyers to present identification proving they are at least 21 years old. Additionally, the kiosks utilize facial recognition software to verify the identity of customers.

Grant Magers, CEO of American Rounds, highlighted to KOCO in Oklahoma that the company adheres to state regulations, maintaining transaction data while ensuring customer privacy by not sharing this information externally.

The vending machines offer a range of ammunition types, with no reported restrictions on purchase quantities per transaction.

While Ohio currently does not host these vending machines, American Rounds has expressed plans to expand its presence to additional states in the near future. The introduction of these kiosks reflects a growing trend towards enhancing accessibility to firearms-related products across the retail landscape.