Home News Fire Department Removes Letter During TTUN Football Week

Fire Department Removes Letter During TTUN Football Week


Marion – A Ohio Fire Department is working hard to celebrate the season removing an important letter from its department the letter M.

No two entities hate each other more than Ohio State and Michigan. It’s really a beautiful sight. With the big game coming up this weekend, this week should be filled with plenty of playful banter. 

In Michigan Buckeye nuts are smashed all over campus, and a special trip is sometimes made to Wolverine legends like Bo Schembechler grave where team members smash the nut at the grave.

Ohio State take the time to remove every M from Campus even from the signs.

For years Ohio State members would take part in a Mirror lake jump but in 2015 one student drowned and since then the campus has emptied the lake prior to the week.

Marion is doing their part by removing the M’s according to an online post. As what they say is a new tradition for the department.