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Fayette County – Hippie Hot Dog up for Sale Before it Opened


Washington Court House – A Chillicothe-based company had plans to expand to the Washington courthouse but delayed that opening and now plans to sell.

“Due to extremely limited staffing and food resources being scarce for many of the primary products we are postponing opening,” said the Hotdog Restaurant in 2021. “We know this is inconvenient and not what we wanted however, we would rather postpone and open with good staff and plenty of food options than to open with limited staff and a limited menu. We hope the community will understand this very difficult decision.”

The company also announced the closure of its Chillicothe Store around the same time.

“It is with the greatest of sadness that we must announce the closing of Hippie Hot Dog (aka Hippie Cafe). To our customers, we say thank you for the past year and we hope to return someday when the world doesn’t feel up-side-down. To our employees, we thank you for your dedication and your heart-felt efforts to make the customers happy. It was a labor of peace and love from day one. We served more than 9,500 customers over the past year.”


The sale location at 210 S Elm St, Washington Court House, never opened, and now the owner is selling the contents as a almost, “turn-key” business. In a social media sale post,

restaurant business for sale. Includes all NEW equipment (never used). The restaurant is 85% ready to open. The price DOES NOT include the building or lease on the building. You are buying equipment, location name, decorations, all items are new. The location was set to open but the owners have decided to open another business in another location. This restaurant could easily be : a sub shop, pizza shop, a hot dog shop, deli, or a range of other restaurant options. See add for business current status. Ready for health inspection and final setup. The Purchaser would need to assume the lease or have the lease re-written. Purchasers may choose to take equipment and not the building however, some items listed (Canopy, Drive through sign, and counter cannot be removed from the building).

The cost is 32,000 dollars, and the owner would either need to move the equipment or assume the lease of the building.

The company operated a peace love and hotdog restaurant in Chillicothe. The menu offers some signature dogs along with coffee, hippie drinks, and pastries.