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Fall Foliage Prediction Map in Ohio


OHIO – Fall officially begins on September 22, and one part that so many people enjoy is the trees moving into hibernation and revealing the colors of their leaves.

Entering the fall season, Ohio’s forests are beginning their transformation into a dazzling display of colors as the leaves change. 

Accoridng to the Fall Foliage prediction map uses a complex algorithm it predicts county by county fall foliage based on millions of data points. This includes temperatures, historical information, forecasts from National oceanic and atmospheric centers, and even user-generated information.

According to the above-mentioned map leaves have started to change already to the North of us along the Canadian border, and as close as Northern Ohio. By September 26 the map predicts that our area South of Interstate 70 will start to see leaves changing. By October 24th, aka Pumpkin show week we will be in full colors in our area.

Why do leaves change color? Actually, trees reveal the true colors of their leaves during fall. Throughout the spring and fall leaves are filled with Chlorophyll a compound that gives leaves that vibrant green color and helps trees convert sunlight to food. In the fall when the tree starts its winter dormancy it exposes the real color of the leaves underneath.