Home News Fairfield County Reverses on Recommendation for No In-Person School in Fall

Fairfield County Reverses on Recommendation for No In-Person School in Fall


FAIRFIELD – Fairfield county is retracting a statement from last week that recommended no in-person school and suggesting Risk Guidelines.

Last week Fairfield Health said its decision is based on the increased number of active cases in the county and the growing concern of noncompliance with medical and public health guidelines.

The Health department says that their recommendations would change based on the status of the COVID-19 data for the area. They also recommend that school sports, band and other extra-curricular actives follow that same path.

This week they say they are revising their previous statement and recommend Fairfield County follow guidelines from the Ohio Department of Health. and incorporate Ohio COVID-19 Risk level guidelines.

Governor DeWine today in July new guidance for resuming school in the fall.

“We know that each school system, and perhaps each school building, will likely look different in the fall.  We also know that Ohio has a long history of local control and that school administrators and teachers know their schools best,” said Governor DeWine. “Working together and consulting with educators and other health officials, we have developed a set of guidelines, backed by science, that each school should follow when developing their reopening plans.”

Today Columbus Schools announce that they will have online learning for fall schedule only.