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Fairfield County – Pizza Cottage Owners Purchase Iconic Pink Cricket, Promise to Preserve History


LANCASTER, Ohio – Larry Tipton Pizza Co., based in Lancaster, Ohio, announced it has acquired the local, iconic restaurant Pink Cricket. Larry Tipton Pizza Co. also owns 11 Pizza Cottage restaurants throughout central Ohio.

“We have tremendous respect for the Pink Cricket’s legacy, owners, customers and employees,” said Larry Tipton, owner. “We want to ensure beloved local restaurants continue to succeed in our community. The recipes, ingredients and neighborhood character will remain. Our plan is to have Pink Cricket and Pizza Cottage co-exist as they have for generations. We know people have their favorite brands, especially when it comes to pizza, so we are excited that both will continue to be options for our customers for the next generation of pizza lovers!” 

“It was important for us to find owners who understand the charm, character and history of the Pink Cricket,” said Paul Hoch, co-owner of the Pink Cricket. “We know Larry Tipton Pizza Co. shares that same vision, and we’re fortunate to leave the restaurant in such capable hands. We still believe there’s a place for the neighborhood haunt, and Larry Tipton Pizza Co. will preserve and enhance what we’ve built.”

The Pink Cricket Restaurant was established in 1938 by Deward Shaffer and moved to its current location at 929 E. Main St. in November 1965. William Rymer and Brad and Angie Bodamer owned the restaurant from 1965 to 2000. Later, Paul Hoch, Sr. and Paul Hoch, Jr. purchased the restaurant and have continued the tradition of the Pink Cricket since 2000, with Paul Jr. and his wife, Monique, operating the business in recent years.

Pizza Cottage was founded by Jack and Yvonne Gorham in Carroll, OH in 1972. In 2017, Larry Tipton, originally from Lancaster, purchased the Pizza Cottage restaurant group. Tipton also owns 10 Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar® locations in Ohio and Arizona.