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Fairfield County Beekeepers Association Celebrates 5th Anniversary with New Meeting Place and Scholarships


Fairfield County, OH – The Fairfield County Beekeepers Association (FCBA) recently commemorated its 5th anniversary with exciting developments, including a new meeting location and expanded educational initiatives. Founded in 2019, FCBA serves as a hub for beekeepers in or near Fairfield County, offering a platform for networking, education, and community outreach.

Last November, faced with the need to relocate their meetings, FCBA received a warm invitation from the Central Ohio Coon Hunters Club on Coonpath Road. The club generously offered its clubhouse as a meeting venue and provided a spacious field for FCBA’s apiary. In alignment with their conservation efforts, the Coon Hunters Club aims to cultivate an insect-friendly environment, making the collaboration a perfect fit.

Throughout the year, FCBA extends its outreach efforts, including the promotion of the FCBA Beginner Beekeeping Scholarship, which is open to local schools, 4-H, agriculture groups, and military veterans. The scholarship covers beekeeping classes, equipment, bees, and mentoring for recipients.

In the early spring, FCBA hosts comprehensive day-long educational sessions on beekeeping fundamentals, equipping newcomers with essential knowledge and resources. As warmer weather approaches, the club offers bi-monthly training sessions in their apiary, paired with mentorship opportunities for beginners.

Monthly meetings feature informative speakers, bee-related door prizes, and opportunities for beekeepers to connect and exchange insights. FCBA members actively engage in outreach activities, including presentations, hands-on exhibits, and live observation hives at various festivals and fairs across Fairfield County.

Upcoming events include participation in Hocking County Ag. Days at the Hocking County Fairgrounds in May and the Central Ohio Coon Hunters Family Day in June.

Interested individuals are encouraged to attend FCBA meetings, typically held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Training sessions at the club apiary are scheduled for the same evening at 6:00 PM, with additional sessions announced on the group’s Facebook page.

For those unable to attend meetings, information about FCBA and beekeeping resources can be found on their website and Facebook page. Annual membership is available for individuals and families, catering to anyone passionate about bees and eager to learn more.

Join FCBA in celebrating bees and fostering a vibrant beekeeping community in Fairfield County!