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Chillicothe Police Encounter Leads to Drug Arrest on Mulberry Street


Chillicothe, OH – On April 20th, 2024, a routine patrol on S Mulberry Street took an unexpected turn when an officer observed a Black Chrysler Van parked outside a residence suspected of narcotics activity. The officer, stationed in The Meads parking lot, noticed the van driving through a nearby alley towards E 7th Street. After catching up to the van on E 7th Street and witnessing it turn onto S Hickory Street without signaling, the officer initiated a traffic stop near the intersection of S Hickory and E 5th Street.

Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer identified the driver as Beverly Zamora and the passenger as Michelle Manuel, known from previous incidents to have active warrants. Dispatch confirmed Manuel’s warrants and Zamora’s suspended driver’s license. Zamora consented to a search of her person, during which the officer discovered a clear baggie containing a white powdery substance, later identified as Fentanyl, in her pocket. Additionally, a straw with residue was found in her pants. Zamora admitted to possessing the Fentanyl.

Manuel was placed under arrest and housed in a police cruiser due to her physical condition. Further search of the vehicle yielded no additional evidence.

Zamora was issued a traffic citation for driving under suspension, and Manuel received a summons for her outstanding warrant. Zamora was warned of potential additional charges pending lab results.

Upon arrival at the Chillicothe Police Department, evidence was documented, including photos and an approximate weight of 0.6 grams of the powdery substance seized.

The incident underscores law enforcement’s ongoing efforts to combat narcotics-related activities in the area.