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Invasive Worm in Ohio “If you See One Kill It,” Says Ohio Wildlife Experts


OHIO – A new invasive species has been spotted in Ohio and experts are asking citizens if they find them to destroy them.

OSU Extension says that an attentive homeowner in Trumbull County found this invasive hammerhead worm in their lawn last week, and this set off an alarm to others.

Hammerhead worms are harmless to plants, but they are harmful to humans and animals. Native to Southeast Asia the hammerhead worm-like hot humid locations and are thriving in Southern US where they were introduced by accident, but ornamental plants.

What makes them dangerous? Well, first Hammerheads eat native earthworms by creating a neurotoxin that paralyzes the prey. That’s bad for the worm of course, but also can affect pets and people also. It won’t kill you but it can irritate pets and humans.

These animals multiply asexually and by fragmentation. Thats why experts say if you encounter these worms use gloves and destroy them with salt, sun, and fire. stepping on them can just make one into two or three.

If you do find one gardening please contact your local natural resources department.