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A Emotional Letter From a Cincinnati Officer After the Attack at 5/3 Bank

photo from whio-tv

CINNCINATI – A officer that asked to remain nameless posted on his social media about the event that unfolded yesterday in Cincinnati.  He was one of the first officers who arrived on scene just after the events unfolded that left 3 victims and a gunman dead.  First responders are exactly that, first to witness some of these difficult and gruesome scenes that they see sometimes on a daily basis.  Heres the letter.

I don’t post on Facebook very often but today has been a bit of a rough day. I just left the scene of a mass shooting at 5/3 bank. Fortunately I arrived about 30 seconds after it was over. I was there for five hours and many other officers will be there for far longer. I watched someone’s life slow drain from their body. I heard the phone from one of the victims ring for almost two hours straight. I felt the pain of the person on the other side because I knew what they didn’t… that their loved one was never going to answer their phone again. I saw the determination on the officers and EMTs faces as they went about their jobs attempting to save victims and ensure their were no more. I have 9 more hours left in my shift before I can go home. There has been a lot of divisive criticism of police, some deserved but most is not. We police officers are human too with real emotions and faults as well. Every one of us needs to treat others the way that they would want to be treated. I’m proud of my department and my fellow brother and sister officers today and every day that I’ve worked with them. Everyone please hug your loved ones and live life to the fullest. Stay safe” -An Officer of the Cincinnati Police Department.