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Electric Line Causes Truck Fire on North Court Street


CIRCLEVILLE – A incident occurred today October 4, 2018 at the intersection of Wilson Ave. and North Court Street.  A truck driver from Siemer Logistics was delivering ice to the Veterans Corner at 1016 North Court Street. He pulled into the lot behind the store a privately owned lot.  After his delivery of ice when he pulled out, he struck the low hanging power line in the lot causing an electric spark that set the truck on fire.

A witness to the accident said he had to flag the truck down because the driver didn’t even know he was on fire.  “I parked my vehicle in the middle of North Court in front of the intersection and waved and yelled, your truck is on fire!

According to police, there is no fault to the accident because it happened on private property.

The truck was a new vehicle will be a total loss.  Circleville fire and police blocked off the area for about an hour.  No one was hurt in the fire, and the driver was released at the scene and said, “he would have to make the same route tomorrow now because his cargo ice was contaminated and was a total loss.”