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El Pedregal Passes Sunday Alcohol Petition


CIRCLEVILLE – El Pedregal is a recent addition to our downtown adding another good place to eat downtown. Now they have passed a petition for Sunday sales while serving food.

Circleville recently created a “Revitalization District” for Downtown Circleville to improve the economy of the Historical District. Involving approximately 150 acres of property in and around the downtown area, the plan would focus on allowing new alcohol licenses to be permitted in a town that has heavy restrictions on new license available in the city. El Pedregal was one of those locations that took advantage of the new liquor licences that allows sales of wine and mixed beverages as long the restaurant generates 75% of incomes by other, non-alcoholic means such as food.

Yesterday the restaurant asked on ballot to have permission to sell liquor on sundays during business hours.  That was passed by a overwhelming 81% to 18% against. So now if you are looking for a margarita on Sunday you know where to go.