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Drug Trafficking Investigation Leads to Arrest and Seizure in Chillicothe


Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio – On April 23, 2024, the Chillicothe Police Department conducted a search warrant at 432 W Lillie Street, following an investigation into alleged drug trafficking activities.

Detective Adam Steele initiated the investigation earlier in April after receiving information regarding drug trafficking at the residence. On April 23rd, Detective Steele obtained a search warrant based on evidence gathered from traffic stops, surveillance observations, and interviews with individuals identifying Alvin Littleton, also known as “Marcus,” as the alleged seller of narcotics from the location.

The Chillicothe Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) was enlisted to assist in serving the warrant, which was authorized by Judge Benson. Detective Steele maintained surveillance of the residence before the SWAT Team’s arrival.

During surveillance, Detective Steele observed Littleton arriving in a red Ford Mustang and entering the residence. Shortly after, two white females, later identified as Jodie Smart and Sherri Parker, arrived separately and entered the residence carrying bags.

Upon the SWAT Team’s arrival and subsequent entry into the residence, Littleton, Parker, and Smart were apprehended. Littleton was found standing at the kitchen sink, Parker near the bathroom, and Smart on the living room couch.

Upon securing the residence, detectives conducted a search and found multiple items indicative of drug trafficking and illegal possession. These included various substances, drug paraphernalia, prescription medications, firearms, and a significant amount of currency.

Of note, a Hi-Point 9mm handgun recovered from the scene was reported stolen from the Pike County Sheriff’s Office.

Littleton was arrested on charges of Tampering with Evidence and Receiving Stolen Property and transported to the Ross County Jail. Smart and Parker were advised of their Miranda Rights but were not charged at the time, as they claimed no permanent residency at the location.

Suspected narcotics and prescription medications seized from the scene will undergo chemical analysis by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), with additional charges pending further investigation and lab results.

During the search the following items were found and seized as evidence:
Item #1: clear plastic container w/green lid containing white rocky substance (living room couch found by FYFFE)
Item #2: Digital scale (living room found by FYFFE)
Item #3: Pipe w/burn marks, residue and chor boi “Crack Pipe” (living room found by FYFFE)
Item #4: White rock in plastic bag (front bedroom found by LINDAMOOD)
Item #5: Mixed pills (living room closet found by LINDAMOOD)
Item #6: Wooden box w/pills (front bedroom found by SHORT)
Item #7: leopard bag w/several pills bottles containing unknown pills (front bedroom found by SHORT)
Item #8: Plastic bag with white rocks (Kitchen found by STEELE)
Item #9: White rocks from Kitchen Sink (Kitchen found by STEELE)
Item #10: Plastic bag w/pills and white rocks (Outside flower bed found by FYFFE)
Item #11: Hi-Point 9mm handgun Serial Number “P1852849” (Basement found by STEELE)
Item #12: Silver Eagle 12 gauge Shotgun Serial Number “21P1514” (Basement found by STEELE)
Item #13: Marlin .22 caliber Rifle Serial Number “96469643” (Basement found by STEELE)
Item #14: Miscellaneous Drug paraphernalia (through out house found by ALL)
Item #15: $948 in US Currency (pants of LITTLETON found by MCGOWAN)
Item #16: Black phone w/red case (Kitchen found by STEELE)

The Chillicothe Police Department emphasizes its commitment to combating drug-related crimes and ensuring the safety of the community through proactive law enforcement efforts.