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Chillicothe – Chaotic Scene Unfolds at Cheap Tobacco Parking Lot Brawl


Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio – A tumultuous altercation erupted at the parking lot of Cheap Tobacco, located at 1 N. Bridge St., prompting law enforcement response on April 28, 2024.

According to initial reports, officers were dispatched to the location in the area of the Wobbly Ghost, Advanced Auto, and Cheap Tobacco in response to an active fight. Upon arrival, Officer Katrina Hallam encountered a crowd of approximately 15-20 individuals engaged in physical combat in the Advanced Auto parking lot.

Officer Hallam intervened to stop the altercation and observed multiple individuals on the ground assaulting a female identified as Lazae Lett. Despite attempts to quell the violence, Lett persisted in attacking others and resisted Officer Hallam’s efforts to restrain her. Consequently, Officer Hallam deployed a taser to subdue Lett and placed her under arrest.

Meanwhile, Officer Christopher Althouse and other officers responded to the scene, where they encountered a chaotic situation. Officer Althouse apprehended Dacoma Lett, who attempted to evade arrest, while Officer John Elrich dealt with another individual, Danica Moore, who exhibited signs of severe intoxication.

As the situation escalated, additional law enforcement personnel arrived to assist in dispersing the crowd and restoring order. Timothy Williams, the key holder for the Cheap Tobacco property, requested that remaining individuals be barred from the premises.

Dacoma Lett was transported to the Ross County Jail on charges of Disorderly Conduct Persistent and Obstructing Official Business, while Lazae Lett faced charges of Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. Danica Moore was arrested for Disorderly Conduct by Intoxication and released to a sober adult.

The incident underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement in managing public disturbances and ensuring public safety in high-tension situations. Authorities emphasize their commitment to maintaining peace and order within the community.