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Drug Trafficking Arrest Made in Circleville After Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Discovery of Narcotics


On March 31, 2024, a routine patrol in the vicinity of E Ohio and South Pickaway turned into a significant drug trafficking bust for local law enforcement. A Circleville Officer observed a 2011 Mazda parked on the East Curb of South Pickaway, facing North, before witnessing the vehicle execute a U-turn without signaling. Following the vehicle onto Edison Avenue, the Officer approached the driver, identified as Justin Mason, to address the traffic violation.

During the stop, Mason, who had recently purchased the vehicle, failed to provide valid registration or insurance. As he fumbled to locate insurance information on his phone, the Officer noticed suspicious behavior from both Mason and his passenger. Concerned for their safety, Officer requested backup, leading to the arrival of a second officer.

While beginning to issue a traffic citation to Mason, the Officer deployed K9 Dexter for a narcotics sniff around the vehicle. Dexter quickly alerted officers to the presence of narcotics near where Mason had been standing. Following probable cause, Mason was searched, revealing seven doses of Suboxone, a Schedule III controlled substance, exceeding his prescribed daily dose.

Further investigation led officers to Tesla Davis, the passenger, who was found in possession of drug paraphernalia and a significant quantity of Suboxone. Davis claimed to possess a prescription for the medication but admitted to sometimes trading it with friends for other items.

Due to the quantity of narcotics found and the presence of a child in the vehicle, both Mason and Davis were arrested on charges of drug trafficking, preparation for distribution, and child endangerment. Child Protection Services were notified and took custody of the child, arranging for transfer to their grandmother. Both were transferred to Pickaway County Jail by Officer Carver, with Mason additionally issued a citation for the traffic violation. All seized property was logged into evidence, and body cameras and fleet tracking systems were activated during the operation.