Home News Deer Creek Dam in Pickaway County Prepares for Summer Pool

Deer Creek Dam in Pickaway County Prepares for Summer Pool


Pickaway County officials announced today that Deer Creek Dam will be returning to the summer pool level, with floodgates being closed over the next few weeks. Alongside this seasonal transition, the dam management also plans to offer tours to the public, providing insight into the dam’s operations and significance.

The decision to raise water levels comes as the region anticipates increased rainfall over the next month, contributing to raising water levels in the lakes to recreational levels for the summer season.

During the summer months, water levels are maintained at a higher level as the risk of flooding decreases. Additionally, these lakes play a significant role in providing recreational opportunities for the community during the warmer months.

In addition to the seasonal adjustment, Deer Creek Dam will offer guided tours to the public, offering an opportunity to learn about the dam’s functions, history, and environmental impact. The tours aim to educate visitors about the importance of dam management and water resource conservation.

Furthermore, Deer Creek Park, located adjacent to the dam, offers a range of recreational activities for visitors. The park boasts scenic hiking trails, picnic areas, and campgrounds, providing an ideal setting for outdoor enthusiasts and families to enjoy nature. Boating and fishing opportunities on the lake add to the park’s appeal, attracting visitors looking for aquatic adventures.

Typically, the drawdown to summer pool levels occurs around mid-October to November. However, with the arrival of spring and the onset of increased precipitation, authorities are now implementing measures to ensure that the lakes are ready for summer activities, including fishing, boating, swimming, as well as informative tours of the dam facilities.