Home News Donation from the Goodie Tournament to Haven House

Donation from the Goodie Tournament to Haven House


Picture: L to R
Chris Mullins, HH Board Chair; Sereana H. Dresbach, Board member; Katie Cornelius Blume, Board Member; Doyle Kiser, Goodie Tournament; Marie Gerhardt, Board Member; Tom Smith, Goodie Tournament Director; Lisa Johnson, Executive Director of Haven House; Janice McMunn, Board Member; Jeff Williams, Goodie Tournament; Mary Lundberg, Board Member; Brian Nelson, Goodie Tournament.

On September 16th, the annual Goodie Golf Tournament was held at Pickaway Golf Course and the proceeds benefitted Haven House. Each year the tournament chooses a charity that helps children. Through games and raffles, as well as laying golf, players contributed a large donation to Haven House in support of its mission to serve families affected by domestic violence. “All we hear is the negative but this place is what we need to highlight,” said Tom Smith, tournament director. “We are so thankful for all the people who contribute to Haven House and this was a great group to work with on this event,” Said Lisa Johnson, executive director of Haven House.

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