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Doe Breaks into Ohio Police Department Destroys Entire Room

Photo: Ohio Division of Wildlife

MOUNT VERNON – A Deer got itself trapped in a police office and then proceeded to freak out until law enforcement had to call wildlife officials for help.

According to Ohio Division of Wildlife in December State Wildlife Officer Austin Levering, assigned to Knox County, received a call from the Mount Vernon Police Department regarding a white-tailed deer trapped in an office building.

According to Mount Vernon Police Department, the deer had crashed through a window, shattering the glass, and trapped itself in an office room where it was not discovered until the employees arrived to work that morning. A

After observing the agitated doe run in circles and jump over a desk, Officer Levering requested assistance from State Wildlife Officer Supervisor Bill Bullard. Officers Levering and Bullard decided the safest and easiest extraction for the deer would be to create barriers within the building and turn off the lights. Then, they opened a nearby exit door hoping the outside light would entice the deer out.

It took tables, trash cans, and other available resources to create a safe pathway, the officers opened the door to coax the deer from the room and toward the exit. The deer slowly and surely walked out of the building and into the area it came from. 

As you can see by the photo it took some time to bring the office back int the shape it was before the intruder