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Digital Kiosks for Downtown Chillicothe Tourism and Wayfinding Get Grant

T-Mobile presented a grant to help fund digital kiosks for tourism and wayfinding in Downtown Chillicothe, in front of the Ross County Courthouse on December 13th, 2023.

Chillicothe — The organization “Downtown Chillicothe” now has $50,000 to “install a wayfinding kiosk in the heart of Historic Downtown Chillicothe to promote local businesses, community events and increase local and visitor foot traffic.”

That was the online grant announcement as “T-Mobile Empowers 250 Communities Nationwide with $11 Million in Hometown Grants.” The Herrnstein Family Fund also contributed to the kiosk effort.

The presentation in front of the Ross County Courthouse Wednesday (see below video) included Tiffany Baldwin, chair of Downtown Chillicothe, and Terry Liptak, T-Mobile Market Manager for rural areas of Southern Ohio. Liptak said that over the next five years, T-Mobile will grant $25,000,000 to small towns in rural America.

Baldwin said one of the interactive multilingual kiosks will be placed somewhere in front of the courthouse (in the center of town), and the other at the corner of Water and Paint streets (at the public parking lot and entrance to Yoctangee Park).

Baldwin said the kiosks will help drive foot traffic to local businesses, but the multilingual capability will also help international tourists of the local World Heritage sites.

She says the kiosks will be shown on the website of Downtown Chillicothe soon, and that they should be operative this spring. Hear her in the below interview video. Downtown Chillicothe also has a Facebook page.

A display of the wayfinding kiosks.
Part of the presentation on the T-Mobile grant.


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