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Derek Meyers Spokesman for Sheriff Reader Part Ways


PIKE – Amidst sixteen inditements filed against Sheriff Charlier Reader Sheriff of Pike County his spokesperson Derek Myers claims they have parted ways.

An anonymous tipoff has now led to a slew of charges facing the Sheriff who was at once at the forefront of the Rhoden Family massacre, taking place over 2 years ago.

State auditor Keith Faber said in a press release, “We do not take these charges lightly and recognize that no one is above the law. While this is a major step toward seeking justice, our team is fully prepared to present these findings to a jury as this matter moves forward. I’d like to commend everyone who worked on this case for the immense amount of effort and detail that has been dedicated to the investigation”

Today In Reader’s filing to the Ohio Supreme Court, he stated that his ongoing criminal case has adversely effected his duties involving ongoing criminal cases.

As it stands, Sheriff Reader is unable to do the following:

Listen to radio transmissions involving the sheriff’s office
Use the Ohio State Patrol data systems
Communicate with the Pike County Prosecutor
Communicate with 44% of the current deputies at the Sheriff Department

We reached out to Sheriff Reader’s Spokesperson, Derek Meyers for comment on the subject and Meyers stated, “I parted ways with Sheriff Reader and PCSO last week. All comments sought pertaining to the criminal cases should be directed to Jim Boulger. All PCSO requests for comments can be directed to the chief Deputy.

Last week Derek gave a final statement on Sheriff Readers case that said, “We live in a society where one is innocent until proven guilty. While there are procedures in place in state law for a charged-public official to be temporarily suspended from office pending the resolution of cases, our founding fathers through constitutional amendments, and the Supreme Court, have put in place a fundamental principal for all men and women. It was the state legislature who put a state statute in place for a statewide office holder to politically capitalize by filing a suspension petition without due process to the accused.”

According to Meyers he worked as a spokesperson for Sheriff Reader since December of 2018, previous to the charges and investigation.