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Deercreek Dam Flowing Rainwaters Downstream after Heavy Rain


PICKAWAY – Pickaway Deer Creek US Army Engineers are sending rainwaters downstream in a heavier flow than last month when they posted a warning

Rainwater increased the damn levels to more than 13 feet above the winter pool levels at the dam, last week the US Army corps were feeling comfortable with levels and working on slowing moving water downstream. Heavy rainfalls have put them behind so they are releasing more turbulent water downstream the next few days to try to catch up.

“After the significant precipitation over the last few days the lake level has risen, and today we have started releasing excess water to get back on track for drawdown. The outflow will be at a stage of 6.65 feet, or flowing at approximately 3475cfs. We will maintain this flow until the lake reaches the appropriate level set by our drawdown schedule.”

Last month they send out a warning for 1200 CFS, this is three times that flowage.

The Deek Creek Dam was created to reduce flooding the area area by the Scioto river. Holding back water creating a storage area for excess water that is released when needed. Total flood damage prevented by the dam has a estimate of over 100 million dollars.

The original build was authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1938, construction of the dam began in 1965 and was completed in 1968. The dam was designed to be a key component in a comprehensive plan for the Ohio River Basin, to provide Flood Risk Management, Recreation, and Fish and Wildlife Management for the area. the 1,277 acre lake costs around 19 million to create. in 1974 the Ohio Division of Natural Resources opened the area up as a State Park.

Deer Creek Dam is one of over 40 dams located in Ohio. Operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District. The area is run by the district and is built to be flooded if needed and still be operational after waters recede. Areas such as the Marina have leased properties.

The Dam holds back over 1000 acres of water and feeds that water slowly into the Scioto River just south of Circleville. The dam is operated by five full-time staff members and other assistant members from the military.

The Dam also attracts visitors every year for fishing, camping, and fun, including a yearly festival called the Deer Creek Dam Days.

Thats not all the history of the Dam though, built on Prehistoric mounds from a tribe that gathered in that location in 2,000 B.C.E. and had burials there, found later by explorers and scientist, now those artifacts have been removed and placed on the National Resigser of Historic Places.

The Pickaway County area has a solid history of Presidents also and Dam Creek owns some of that history when William G. Harding would stay in a cabin in the area for hunting and fishing, the Cabin was build and owned by Harry Daugherty Attorney General at that time.