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Deer Creek Dam Days Festival Crowns Queen in Spectacular Ceremony


Williamsport – On Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, the Deer Creek Dam Days Festival hosted its highly anticipated crowning of the festival queen. The prestigious event took place immediately following the festival’s inaugural parade, captivating the audience with its grandeur and excitement.

Four talented contestants graced the stage, each vying for the coveted title of festival queen. Among them were Madisya Hollen, Leigha Mcmanes, Laney Tussing, and Madalyn Staley, who brought their unique charm and grace to the competition.

Prior to the contest, each contestant had the opportunity to spend five minutes with the esteemed panel of judges, consisting of Felicia Walls from the Oak Hill Festival of Flags, Amanda Collier representing the Jackson Co. Fair Royalty, and Dr. Shauna McLain, renowned as Ms. Voluptuous Buckeye State.

During the event, the contestants were poised and eloquent as they answered one question from a bowl and introduced themselves to the audience on stage. Their confidence and charisma shone brightly, making the task of the judges undoubtedly challenging.

Madalyn Staley, contestant number one, shared, “Hello everyone my name is Madeline Staley I go to Westfall High School and I played soccer, track, bowling and softball. I also go to Pickaway/Ross for sports medicine.”

Question: Who’s your role model and why?

“My mom is my role model because she always puts her children first and she always like gets me ready for everything like today and I love her so much.”

Madison Hollen, contestant number two, said, “Hello everyone and welcome to the Deer Creek Dam Days Festival. My name is Madison Hollen. I’m 18 years old and I’m a graduate of Hillsboro High School. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports and hanging out with my dog buddy.

Question: What is the key to success?

“I believe the key to success is failure. You need a little bit of failure to teach you a little bit of lessons to learn how to grow personally I think self-growth has a lot to do with failure. Thank you.”

Laney Tussing, contestant number three, shared, “Hi everyone, my name is Laney Tussing I’m going to be a senior at Teays Valley High School. I’m in a bunch of clubs at the school but I’m on the swim team I’ve been doing that for 10 years and I love it, I’m excited to run.

Question: would you please tell us your greatest strength?

“I would say my greatest strength is communicating with others judging their emotions, just learning all about them and what makes them unique. Thank you.”

Leigha McManus, contestant number four, concluded, “Hi, everyone. My name is Leigha McManus. I’m a senior at Teays Valley High School and currently, I’m an all-star cheerleader and a stem mentor for our elementary students.

Question: We’d like to know what do you look for in a friend.

When I’m choosing a friend, I look for someone who’s compassionate and empathetic I want to be able to talk to them without feeling judged as well as be comfortable to be who I really am around them.”

In a thrilling finale, the judges made their decision, announcing the winners of the Deer Creek Dam Days Festival Queen Contest. Laney Tussing was awarded the esteemed title of 2nd Attendant, recognizing her exceptional grace and presence on stage. Leigha McManes was named 1st Attendant, capturing the hearts of the audience with her charm and poise.

Finally, amid a wave of applause and anticipation, Madisyn Hollen was crowned as the reigning Queen of the festival. Her radiant smile and unwavering confidence truly captured the essence of royalty, earning her the admiration and respect of all in attendance.

For more information on events, schedules, and registration, visit www.DeerCreekDamDays.com and join the community in celebrating summer memories at the Deer Creek Dam Days Festival.