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Chillicothe VA Centennial Celebration to Feature Eyes of Freedom Memorial

photo: Eyes of freedom

Columbus, Ohio – May 29, 2024 – The Chillicothe VA Centennial Celebration is set to host the poignant Eyes of Freedom memorial, along with the powerful sculpture “Silent Battle” by Anita Miller. The event will take place at the Chillicothe VA Medical Center, located at 17273 State Route 104 in Chillicothe, Ohio, on Saturday, June 1, 2024, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Eyes of Freedom memorial originated from the deployment of “L”-Co. or Lima Company to Iraq in the spring of 2005. During their deployment, twenty-two Marines and one Navy Corpsman lost their lives between May and August of that year. In response to this tragedy, the Eyes of Freedom was established as a non-profit veterans association dedicated to providing ongoing support to the families of Lima Company and veterans nationwide. The memorial travels across the United States, honoring the service and sacrifice of all who serve their nation.

“Silent Battle,” created by artist Anita Miller, serves as a profound expression of the struggles faced by returning combat veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress and the loss of their comrades both in combat and at home. Through art, “Silent Battle” aims to initiate conversations about veteran PTS, offering support and amplifying the voices of those affected. Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to view the sculpture and are encouraged to complete a dog tag in memory of a veteran or someone lost to PTS, which will then be placed on the sculpture.

Photo: Trish Bennett

The Chillicothe VA Centennial Celebration will showcase the Eyes of Freedom indoor display, featuring eight life-size portraits, alongside “Silent Battle.” In addition to these exhibits, the event promises a day filled with live music, food trucks, games, military and first-responder displays, and more, catering to the whole family.

The celebration marks a century of service by the Chillicothe VA Medical Center and provides a platform to honor the sacrifices of veterans and their families while fostering community support and awareness.

For those interested in paying tribute and participating in this commemorative event, mark your calendars for June 1st and join in the celebration at the Chillicothe VA Medical Center.