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Covid-19 Cases Still Down Trending Down While Opening Ohio


OHIO – Ohio Covid-19 cases are trending downward even after opening Ohio, with more people getting outside and returning to work and entertainment.

Governor Mike Dewine gave the green light for the last of the groups to start reopening on June 10 this opening included amusement parks, playgrounds, museums, aquariums, and other recreational activities. Yet according to the state Covid-19 cases are still trending down.

According to the last 21 days of charting on the health departments Covid reporting charts Cases, Deaths, Hospitalization and ICU Admission are all trending downward even with openings.

On May 29, 2020 cases were at 651 cases since then cases have trended downward to 428 cases today June 16, 2020. Hospitalizations are down more than 50% on May 30th Ohio had 136 hospitalizations and it has been trending downward since and now at 53 today. ICU admissions are at a low also with 42 reported on May 28th now Ohio has 14.

You can see these numbers for yourself here: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/dashboards/current-trends

There are other key changes, Dewine recently reported on the reproduction number, that number is the number that shows how contagious a disease is and on average that a single person can spread a disease to. These key factors are also declining and based on where you live in the state the number is mostly below the 1 to 1 infection ratio.