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Couple Sets of Bug Bombs in Home and Stay in Home and Almost Die from Dangerous Gas


FLORIDA – Last night, a deputy responded along with Fire and EMS to a Hazmat call in Oak Hill, where two people were experiencing severe reactions to toxic fumes. Deputy Carelli learned the residents had set off four Raid bug bombs in the home, and then stayed inside. One person was coughing and struggling to breathe outside while his wife was still inside, unconscious.

You can hear in the video the officer say, “Is there someone else inside?” He says back, “My wife is still inside” while coughing.

Police ask the man to come out of the toxic gas situation but the man keeps trying to go back in to save his wife.

As soon as Firefighters arrive with Scott air packs they go into the home and find the wife unconscious in the hallway.


Both occupants were taken to the hospital for evaluation but were showing signs of recovery on scene. Deputy Carelli took custody of two dogs on scene to make sure they weren’t exposed to any more fumes.

In the video you can see police officer multiple times trying to talk the man who was suffering from effects of the dangerous gas out of his home.