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Company Sells Boat Shaped Caskets for Fishing Enthusiasts

Photo from Glory Boats.com

ARKANSAS –  We all know someone who loves to fish, well now you can send a loved one off the early plane in a boat coffin custom made from a company in Arkansas.

Glory Boats owner Joel Schmidt was inspired to create the casket after his elderly father fell and was hospitalized and he realized that they didn’t have any plans if the unfortunate happened. His dad was avid fishing man and he made the comment, “If you hadn’t told me what you wanted, I might have just buried you in your fishing boat”.

That idea stuck in Schmidts mind and after research he realized that men are often least likely to think about or plan their funerals. Schimdts hopes that his creation helps families and people to talk about funeral plans and wants for loved ones after they have passed.

The boats come in several diffrent colors, from woodland camp, solid khaki, to pink camouflage. The caskets are also about the same price as a standard casket at 2,800 dollars, and are compatible with standard burial vaults.

More info on these boats click here:https://www.gloryboats.com