Home News Commercial Point Kart Racing Announces 55-Year Tradition Ends

Commercial Point Kart Racing Announces 55-Year Tradition Ends


COMMERICAL POINT – Go Kart racing in Commerical Point is a tradition, every year the village shuts down its roads and opens roadways to a unique race throughout the area inviting racers from all over the county, that tradition has ended.

According to the Mayor of Commerical point, Allan Goldhardt, “The safety of our spectators and race participants has always been our main concern. The World Karting Association has made the decision to no longer provide insurance for any street race. This is basically the end of street go-kart racing across the country.”

Racing brought something different to the Pickaway County community, a different crowd, and inspiration to young racers in the area.

“I would like to personally thank all the sponsors, volunteers, participants, spectators, and the residents for their support over the years. Starting from a ten year old kid throwing straw down on the Village streets to becoming a member of the board and helping oversee the event, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of every go-kart race that has been run in our Village. Thank you, Commercial Point, for all the memories. It has been a good run,” said Allan D. Goldhardt, MayorVillage of Commercial Point.

The village still offers the Homecoming festival, a Food Truck event, and a weekend farmers market.