Home News Columbus Zoo Unveils New Roller Coaster at Central Ohio Location

Columbus Zoo Unveils New Roller Coaster at Central Ohio Location

Photo: Columbus Zoo

POWELL – When you think Zoo you don’t usually think thrill rides, but thats what the central Ohio zoo is doing.

 A brand-new family roller coaster will be debuting in Adventure Cove for 2021! Built by the ride manufacturer Zamperla, this new attraction will be the first of its kind in Ohio.

The Zoo has a smaller roller coaster classic Sea Dragon wooden roller coaster, this new addition will make the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium the only zoo in the United States to feature two roller coasters.

The new coaster standing 36 feet tall and reaching speeds up to 30 mph, Tidal Twist also does something most others do not—it spins! 

Halfway through the ride experience, the vehicles “unlock” and spin through the remainder of the ride. This new roller coaster will have a family-friendly height requirement of 42” if riding with an adult and 48” if riding alone. 

Tidal Twist will be located prominently at the front of Adventure Cove, across from the seal and sea lion habitat, and will replace the existing Redwood Falls log flume ride. Rides on this roller coaster are included for all Gold Members, with ridership also possible through individual ride tickets or as part of our ZooMore ride wristband.