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Columbus Gas Launch Chatbots for Option to Call Centers


OHIO – Columbus Gas of Ohio reported that they have launched chatbots and live chat technologies by its operating companies. The chatbots and live
chat are available on the Columbia Gas websites and mobile apps.

This new technology is aimed to help customers find answers to their questions without having to contact call centers.

Chatbot and live chat allow customers to get immediate help with common topics, including payment plan enrollment, usage and billing, payment
locations and financial support options. The chatbot can also provide answers to frequently asked questions, including information about COVID protocols, work taking place in your area and optional services. While chatbots function through artificial intelligence, live chat connects customers with a live customer service representative through the Customer Care Center. These representatives can answer more complicated questions that require additional research.

“At Columbia Gas, we are dedicated to providing an enhanced and effortless experience for our customers,” said Vince Parisi, President and COO of Columbia Gas. “Customers have continually asked for more options to handle their needs. The chatbots and live chat give them the ability to engage with us in the channel of their choice at their convenience.”

In response to customer requests, NiSource’s operating companies also recently launched Columbia Gas mobile apps, enabled stop, start and move service on the customer websites and mobile apps, and elevated promotions for paperless billing – encouraging customers to view their bills online anywhere, anytime at their convenience.

“Customer digitization is helping our customers get the information they need and make changes to their service at their convenience, Parisi added. “As customers continue to request more digital options to do business, we will continue to look for additional enhancements to existing technologies.”

In 2022, NiSource also implemented a new conversational interactive voice response (IVR) that improves the customer experience by allowing customers to find answers to their pressing questions more easily. The new IVR now enables customers to use the automated system to enroll in AutoPay, find payment locations, and utilize enhanced budget billing options, in addition to managing their account details.