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Columbus City Attorney Files Lawsuit to Declare Strip Club Public Nuisance


COLUMBUS – Columbus City Attorney Zack Klein has filed a lawsuit declaring a Night Club a Publci Nuisance.

In a release Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein today announced the City filed a lawsuit calling for a preliminary injunction against the owners of The Doll House following a string of shootings, violent crime and other illegal activity at the premises. As part of the filing,

the City is also urging the Court to shut down The Doll House in the near term until the club’s owners are able to demonstrate they have been able to address safety and security concerns or face a potential long-term closure of up to a year.

In recent years, The Doll House has seen a rash of crimes both inside and outside the club, from violence and drug use to prostitution and other illegal activity. The club is located just blocks away from residential homes, local businesses, and a church.

“The level of violence and criminal conduct at this business is unacceptable, and while owners have indicated they want to step up to make changes, this lawsuit allows the City to step in as needed to hold owners accountable,” said City Attorney Zach Klein. “The City needs to see a real commitment to substantially improve safety and security, and will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action if those benchmarks aren’t met.

According to court documents, Columbus Police have taken 51 incident reports at the premises since January 2021, including multiple shootings, a homicide, robbery, felony assaults, overdoses and motor vehicle thefts. Emergency personnel have also responded to some 180 calls for service to the club, including for fights, shootings, sex crimes, overdoses, burglary and a stabbing.

Most recently January 2023, CPD responded to a multi-victim shooting at the premises, where one victim died. A City investigation into the incident found significant breaches of the club’s safety and security protocols. The shooting suspect was able to gain entrance to the club without search.
Additionally, the front door metal detector was not being used and the ID scanner purchased for the club was missing. The club only had two of six security personnel on site.

“Violent crime affects more than a business, its employees and those who patron the establishment. It affects neighborhoods as well,” said Assistant City Attorney Sarah Pomeroy. “By holding property owners accountable, we’re advancing safer neighborhoods one block at a time. The City is ready to use every legal tool we have to protect public safety and ultimately save lives.”