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Cohen Orthopedic Plans New Paints Stadium for Chillicothe


Chillicothe – Dr. Brian Cohen is a Nationwide known board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Southern Ohio just announced tonight that he will work to create a new stadium for the Chillicothe Paints in Ross County

Mindy Drayer broke the news on her live link tonight with Dr. Cohen. about a muli field sports complex including a hotel and state-of-the-art facility planned for Chillicothe.

A statement on the facility was posted on the Paints Offical site just minutes after the announcement

“The Paints are very excited and hopeful for the opportunity to have a new stadium, not only for the Paints, but for our community and our region. We are still in the early stages of how to structure and finance the project. By no means is the sports piece of the overall project a done deal, but we’re working hard right now with the appropriate people to see how we can make it happen. Make no mistake, we will not abandon VA Memorial Stadium. It will become a large, important piece of the multiple sports fields project that will become a major player in the travel tournament circuit. The opportunity and vision is overwhelmingly exciting. This state-of-the-art sports complex will be a wildly popular destination for sporting events of all ages. This will leave an amazing legacy for generations.”

We will have more on the plans for this complex as soon as they are released on Monday