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City Talks with ODOT on the Possible Elimination of Huston Street


CIRCLEVILLE – During last nights Public Service and Utility Committee meeting, service director Terry Fraiser brought up the future of Huston Street in Circleville.

Huston Street is located just south of the South Court Railroad tracks and attaches to US-23. The intersection allows you to turn left or right onto US-23 merging directly into high speed traffic and thats concerning to the city and ODOT because of potential for high speed crashes.

“ODOT has brought it up to us during discussion on curb cuts on the new connector road. With the accidents we have had lately ODOT may want to close that road,” said Circleville Mayor Don Mclroy, “We brought it up to them in the past but they were reluctant to close because of access, but now with the new connector in place by taco bell and Circle Lane at the end of South Court that are interested.”

The city said that they have three options:

  • Repair the road and keep it as-is
  • block the turn lane on US-23 and create a right only turn out of Huston Drive.
  • Block Huston Drive completely not allowing traffic to merge into US-23

Currently ODOT is doing studies on safety areas on US-23  and they will report on unsafe intersections that they can possibly close to reduce traffic accidents.