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Circleville’s Ready to Burn Bicycle Club Offers Seniors a Ride

Spencer Cooper (L) Mary Cooper, Keith Carroll (R)

Circleville – Ready to burn Bicycle club is reaching out to seniors, offering community, along with fun fitness in the area.

Keith Carroll sat down with Sciotopost this week during an unveiling of a new bike for a special new member 79-Year-old local Mary Cooper. While we visited Carrol explained that he wants to reach out to the seniors of the area and invite them for a fun healthy community ride.

“We have a lot of people who ride three-wheeled bikes here, the gearing on these bikes makes it easy to pedal and we don’t ride fast, we cruise, said Keith Carroll one of the owners of the club, “Mary is our fire to the senior group, she’s going to show them that a soon to be an 80-year-old woman can ride, you can too.”

During my visit, Carroll along with Mary’s Son Spencer Cooper unveiled a vintage restored three-wheeled bike for her on a hard day.

“Today is a remembrance day for my oldest son who passed away at age 12 today is his birthday, he was Mary’s first grandson. So we decided to restore this bike and present it to her today to change it up a little bit,” said Spencer Cooper.

The bike a 60s-era three-wheeler, that Ready to Burn restored by removing an old paint job, and bringing back the original paint with some patina. The club fixed the wheels and the gears with new parts and added tail lights, headlights, and of course some bling wheel lights.

“Because she’s a special lady she gets the Ready to Burn light in the back, said Carroll, “not everyone gets that.”

Mary Cooper has been a Pickaway County local all her life, graduating in 1962. Cooper said she will ride with the group and enjoy family on her new 3-wheeler.

“Ready To Burn” is a community bicycle club for people of ALL ages. We take nightly bike rides with our tricked-out bikes. Anyone can join, as long as your bike has a headlight and tail light (for safety, of course). There are at least 2 adults present on each ride and all traffic laws are followed.

If you want more information about the Ready to Burn Bicycle club click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/935823630620686