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Circleville’s 9/11 Memorial Plaque is One of Few Around the Nation


CIRCLEVILLE -“Hey we got to do something to commemorate the 9/11 events,” said Pete Hardinger, Ned Young, and the Soldiers Monumental Association here in Circleville.

That statement was in 2001 just after the horrific attacks of 9/11. “We should have a plaque honoring our safety and military forces on the firehouse here in Circleville,” said The Association to Former County Commissioner John Stevens.”

“I think we should make it more visible than that, lets put it on the front of the County Courthouse,” replied Commissioner Stevens.  

Multiple groups saw the importance of this and joined in to help. The City of Circleville, Pickaway County Commissioners, Amvets Post #2256, American Legion Post #134, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #3331, Disabled American Veterans #70, Marine Corps League Detachment, and The Soldiers Monumental Association of Pickaway County, began work to create a special plaque for the event. The effort was made to create a plaque and commemorate, before the anniversary of the tragic event.

On September 11, 2002 “Hundreds of people gathered in front of the courthouse for a 30-minute service that paid tribute to the men and women devote their lives to serving and protecting our nation, ” According to an article in the Circleville Herald.

“There are very few commemorative plaques dedicated to this across the nation, we should be very proud we have it and proud of where it hangs, said Soldiers Monumental Association.