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Circleville Walmart Installs Anti-Theft Gates to Prevent Shrinkage

Circleville Walmart gates

OHIO – You may notice something a bit different next time you visit a Walmart in Circleville or Chillicothe, as you walk into the store you will be greeted by gates.

How do these gates work? They will be positioned at the front of the store where the Walmart greeter normally stands and they will allow people in but not people out though the same way. The gates will force customers and suspected thieves to go through check out counters to leave the store.

Regularly in police reports, we read that suspected thieves that grab items and run out the door. Three weeks ago at the Circleville Walmart, a man ran out the door with a brand-new printer jumped in a getaway car, and drove off. Pickaway Sheriff and Local police were in the area but still not able to catch the thieves, and this isn’t the first time this has happened either this month. Down South in Chillicothe has a very similar situation with theft.

these gates are already installed in Chillicothe Walmart.

Walmart says the new system costs the company half of a billion dollars throughout the US and is part of the new anti-theft measures improvement to the stores.

Walmart says they will roll out 1,300 new gates in 2019 and 2020 according to a press release. Along with these improvements they are also investing in new smart camera technology for every isle that shrinkage is high. There is even a possibility that Walmart will install artificial intelligence into the camera systems to track movements and determine when customers “actions are” suspicious in nature