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Update – One Arrested in Franklin Street Triple Overdose Call


Circleville – A local police department warns of a bad batch of drugs after a report of laced narcotics went out on their social media.

The post and report came from a Franklin Street 911 call and response from first responders after the caller said that, “they all smoked something and went unconscious.” Police and the Circleville Fire Department were dispatched to the scene where several people needed help. Several people were treated for an overdose with Narcan an overdose-reversing drug.

When police arrived at the 300 block of East Franklin Street they found two males and one female all under the influence of a drug, two had vomited and one male who was in the backyard on the ground identified as 45-year-old James Picklesimer who when approached by EMS that had just arrived on the scene started to get aggressive with them.

One EMS employee reported that James had spit on him while he was trying to help him. James was voluntarily taken to Berger Hospital where things continued to escalate and he became even more aggressive with EMS, Circleville police, and Berger Security. During his time at the Hospital James made a scene in the emergency room yelling and threatening officers. He told one officer that he was a “dangerous man” and that I was “too close” and “within arms reach”. Shortly after being put in a room, James decided to refuse treatment and wanted to leave, which he was allowed to do, security pointed to the door, but then James became aggressive, and instead of walking towards the door he started to walk towards security that was in the opposite direction. James then got into the face of security where not only threatened them but also one of the Circleville officers that was at the hospital. The officer who was dealing with James then pulled out his police-issued Taser and pointed it at James. On his way out of the hospital, James stopped in the ER lobby and continued to yell at Security and staff at the hospital in front of patients waiting to be seen. Security then attempted to push James out of the exit but James resisted and started to fight with them. Security then shot James with their Taser but it was ineffective, James pulled the prongs out and continued to approach security who fired two more Taser cartridges at James where he fell to the ground. Circleville police then went hands-on with James and arrested him.

James Picklesimer, 45 was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct ORC. 2917.11(E3d), Criminal Trespass ORC. 2911.31(A3), Inducing Panic ORC. 2917.31(A3), Menacing, and Resisting Arrest ORC. 2921.33(A). James was also on probation with Circleville and was charged with a probation violation.

The other two parties were treated at the scene, police did collect a black bag at the scene with a unknown substance that was identified as possibly spice or “k2”.