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Circleville Police Chase Down Drug Trafficking Subject


CIRCLEVILLE – On October 23, 2018, at approx. 7:53 P.M. Circleville Police Officers, Rob Morningstar and Caleb Martin, were patrolling the area of S. Pickaway and Town St., when they saw a mini motorized motorcycle traveling south on S. Pickaway St. The Officers attempted to stop the vehicle by conducting a traffic stop. The individual operating the mini bike was identified as George Grambo III.

After the Officers turned the patrol vehicles’ overhead lights on, George rode the mini bike onto the side walk and into the front yard of 159 Town St. George jumped off the mini bike and ran on foot. Ofc. Morningstar saw George run to a flower bed by the home, where Ofc. Morningstar saw George throw a clear plastic bag to the ground. George continued to run past the residence. George entered the back yard of the residence to avoid law enforcement after being told, multiple times, to stop by both Officers.

Officer Martin continued to chase after George who jumped a chain linked fence, continuing to run through the yards. Officer Martin chased after George yelling for George to stop. Officer Martin warned George Grambo that he would be Tased if he did not stop. George did not comply, so Ofc. Martin activated his issued Taser. However, the device did not connect sufficiently and was unsuccessful at stopping George Grambo. Ofc. Martin was able to apprehend George Grambo by tackling him to the ground where George was taken into custody without further incident.

The Officers located the plastic bag that George had thrown to the ground. The bag contained a substance believed to be methamphetamine in an amount believed to be for sale. George Grambo was found to be in possession of over $2,000.00. The suspected narcotic and the money were seized as evidence. George Grambo was charged with Possession of Drugs with Intent to Trafficking in Drugs. George Grambo was taken to the Pickaway County Jail where he was held on bond.