Home News Circleville – North Court Street Goodwill to Open in July

Circleville – North Court Street Goodwill to Open in July


Circleville – In just a few weeks Goodwill will move their location from US-23 to North Court Street property at 120 Morris Road where they will open doors on a new facility constructed for their needs.

The 12,000-square-foot building will have 9,000 square feet for the store and 3,000 square feet for the center. located on a 1.3-acre lot in the former Carnival parking lot. The center will offer both shopping and training at the location.

“Improving the experience of our shoppers, donors, employees, and the participants we serve has been a key focus of ours over the past five years. The efforts have been successful, especially with increased retail sales and increased attendance in our centers,” said CEO Marvin Jones.

According to Business Development and Communications Coordinator Jona Ison, “Goodwill is a destination location, our new location will give donators an easier experience when dropping off, and will put our training and store under one roof.”

The location offers a drive-up drop-off location on the side separate from the rest of the store.

According to employees, the location will open the second week of July. It is currently unknown what will happen to the US-23 location if the store owner has plans for the space.