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Circleville – Loram Rail Grinder Passes Through Area


Circleville – A unique train passed through Circleville and parked on Progress Parkway for a little while around 8:30 pm on Thursday.

What is a rail Grinder? It’s a special maintenance train that is utilized by all railways around the world. The biggest issue for railroads moving tons of products thousands of miles per day is cost. Worn rails can develop bumps, dips, and corrugations that reduce a locomotive’s fuel economy, cause derailments and even damage the products being transported as they’re jiggled and vibrated along the way.

The specialized vehicle has grinding modules that remove dust, dirt, and rust from the rails, and returns the rail back to the specified profile so that trains can move more efficiently and effectively.

The Loram Rail grinder is a complex machine but it can move up to 35 miles per hour, and the rail grinder itself weighs around 180,000 pounds. Check out the video on how the machine works.